Joe Abercrombie The Blade Itself – Review

The Blade Itself will take you on an epic tour, hand in hand with the legendary warrior Ninefingers, temperamental Magi Bayaz, sarcastic Inquisitor Glokta and narcissistic Captain Luthar. They are all occupied with their own lives, which will gradually intertwine. Mundane things such as winning the fencing championship or hate of stairs get overshadowed by brewing conflict. Conflict which will be brutal, and which will test the loyalty of many people of different ranks. Professional and personal conflicts don’t mix well when social status is at stake.

Abercrombie has a great ability to write real characters that are intriguing and will keep you reading until you turn the last page. I really love his engaging style – you don’t get bored or lost even for a moment. I expected another epic fantasy novel with all typical features. Yes, you get it all – the full package and more. Wit and comic situations in the most pragmatic scenarios make The Blade Itself unputdownable.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good old-fashioned epic story with a plot which will make you laugh and even shed a lone tear over lost friendship.

Author: Joe Abercrombie

Title: The Blade Itself

Publisher: Gollancz

Format: Paperback, 544 pages

Published: 08/03/2007

ISBN: 9780575079793


3 thoughts on “Joe Abercrombie The Blade Itself – Review

  1. please tell me that’s your own picture!

  2. inkdaemon says:

    Yes, the picture, book and blade are all mine:-)

  3. Redhead says:

    I loved The Blade Itself so, so much. And I don’t usually go for that type of super gritty violence stuff. Abercrombie an incredible, amazing writer, he absolutely spoiled me when it comes to epic fantasy.

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